As a manufacturer, Siren Construction Fischer is your competent partner for the planning, installation, repair, modernisation and maintenance of siren systems and control systems. We project complete alarm systems and control centres, adapted to your specific on-site conditions – and always striving for economical solutions.


  • Overhaul of E57 siren systems
  • Control cabinet construction and switching technology for E57 motor sirens and older GDR sirens
  • Installation of electronic sirens – also including loudspeaker function Siren
  • installation service Europe-wide
  • Maintenance service Europe-wide
  • Motor repair for siren motors
  • Siren canopies from our own development and production
  • Comprehensive spare parts supply for siren systems
  • Recommissioning of decommissioned sirens
  • Erection of mast sirens up to 16 m above ground level
  • Erection of floodlight masts
  • Erection of masts with a hoist ring as a hose drying system
  • Digitalisation of siren control receivers
  • Repair of siren control receivers FWE (telecontrol receivers)
  • Procurement of siren control receivers and radio technology of all kinds (BOS)
  • Dismantling of sirens and relocation of sirens to new locations
  • Erection of sirens on flat roofs or on high-rise building facades/gables as external structures
  • Fischer siren trailers: production of flexibly deployable, mobile E57 sirens as well as electronic mobile sirens on trailers
  • Erection of guyed masts with trusses up to 20 kV
  • Erection of lattice towers and renovation of older or damaged lattice towers
  • Fabrication of lattice mast diagonals from crude steel
  • Crane service with mobile trailer cranes up to 45 m hook height
  • Lifting platform service up to 45 m working height (only with driver from Fischer Siren Construction + Alarm Systems)
  • Excavator service up to 31.6 t
  • Crawler excavator (over 11.5 t weight only with Siren Construction Fischer driver)
  • Assembly or disassembly even on parts of buildings that are difficult to reach and/or at great heights
  • 24-hour breakdown service and emergency service for siren systems

Siren location planning

Even before a new concept or modernisation of existing alarm systems, Siren Construction Fischer draws up a detailed sound reinforcement plan if required – in close consultation with the responsible authorities and decision-makers.

In order to precisely map the individual geographical and urban planning conditions on site, we carry out detailed sound level measurements, the results of which are incorporated into our project planning. This is the only way to optimally plan siren locations and avoid gaps in the alerting network – but also costly mistakes in the form of an unfavourable or too close placement of new sirens.

Sirenenbau Fischer Public address plan

The future ist digital

In the siren sector, too, the signs are pointing to digitalisation. At Fischer Siren Construction + Alarm Systems, you can obtain cost-effective solutions for a future-proof modernisation of your existing siren system or alarm system, whether in urban or rural areas.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer to make your existing system fit for the future!