Fit for the future: electronic siren systems and alert technology

Our siren system – innovative mass warning systems “Made in Bavaria”

What advantages does the new electronic system offer?

  • The “German top system” among siren systems
  • Modular design, available in different power levels
  • Siren functions even during power cuts lasting several days
  • Communication via network (Internet/Intranet), GSM module or radio
  • Control via PC and stand-alone software or touch screen
  • Complete fall-back level, for example in the event of maintenance work at the control centre or technical faults
  • Lighter construction compared to the old E57 siren
  • Optimised frequency response compared to old motor sirens – better audible through multi-glazed windows
  • Reduced load on the roof construction
  • Operation with solar module possible
  • Power connection no longer required
  • Targeted voice announcements possible – live or from voice memory
  • Operation with modern remote control receiver – digital or analogue via BOS
  • Latest technology and full product guarantee
  • “Silent” amplifier and loudspeaker tests via high-frequency test signal
  • No high maintenance costs as with old systems
  • Us as your sales and contact partner, available for you 24 hours a day – with top service and moderate prices

Replace E57 sirens in line with the times!

Our “upgrade package” to replace old E57 sirens – with better performance values and numerous advantages in terms of maintenance, consumption and the comprehensive alarming options.

Fischer FS1200-Siren system with control cabinet


Opt for our siren system with installation and maintenance by the professionals from Fischer Siren Construction + Alarm Systems!

In addition to the “classic” siren function, the new system is also suitable for giving voice instructions. Law enforcement agencies can use it for targeted announcements to crowds, for example to disperse gatherings or prevent mass panic.

The system can be specifically positioned at relevant points – be it at a station forecourt as in the city of Cologne or similar locations. Of course, it is also conceivable to address assembled groups in their own language in order to prevent crimes in advance.

In addition, police and other emergency forces can still be brought to the scene of an incident by means of voice announcements, even if communication via other channels is not possible.

With our system, if necessary in combination with video surveillance, you always have full control over what is happening and can intervene in a targeted manner from the control centre or operations centre at any time.

Here you can listen to the siren tone of our electronic siren as an audio file:

Open for extensions

On request, our siren systems are available in combination with 360-degree video cameras for outdoor use, which can record high-resolution video in HD quality – even without an existing network connection. Each camera is then triggered by radio from the control centre, and a USB data carrier with the recordings can be removed later for evaluation.

If a network connection via router is available, “real-time” HD video transmission via live stream is of course also possible.

Control boxes and control technology for analogue siren systems

Made in Germany: The new Fischer SK-I siren control unit

Manufactured in Germany according to DIN:ISO 9001, the SK-I siren control unit developed by Siren construction Fischer offers numerous practical features for easy installation at existing siren sites. Installed by our experienced specialists, it is ready for immediate use.

Fischer Siren Construction + Alarm Systems expert fitters will also be happy to advise you on site; on request, they will install the new switching technology immediately so that no further travel is required.

Request an individual quotation for your alarm system today to bring your siren technology up to the latest, future-proof technical standard.

If you have any questions regarding technical details, please contact Mr Müller (master electronics technician and workshop manager Fischer Siren Construction + Alarm Systems) at the following e-mail address:

Siren control in the control cabinet

Telecontrol receiver

Reliably operating remote control receivers are indispensable for the greatest possible alarm security. For the radio triggering of sirens, Fischer therefore only supplies BOS-tested devices that comply with all relevant guidelines according to TR-BOS, TR-ETS and VDE.

Our radio receivers operate in the 4 m, 2 m or 70 cm frequency range and are available for both analogue and digital radio networks.

Special filtering enables high signal sensitivity even with poor network quality. No wonder, then, that numerous government agencies such as the police, fire brigade and rescue services rely on these high-quality devices. The sophisticated design and compact construction of the telecontrol receivers we offer allow for uncomplicated installation, configuration and maintenance.

Not only siren signals and voice announcements can be triggered via telecontrol receivers: By combining them with additional relays, you can control house alarms, gates or lighting by radio.

Let our experts advise you! We will be happy to arrange a consultation appointment at your site or arrange a joint inspection of the site with the responsible authorities and agencies.

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