The offer of Sebastian Fischer Siren Construction + Alarm Systems is exclusively aimed at authorities, organisations as well as tradesmen, but not at end consumers.

Siren systems

Siren FS600

• Number of horns: 4
• Battery (Ah): 38
• Sound pressure: 109dB/30m

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Siren FS1200

• Number of horns: 8
• Battery (Ah): 45
• Sound pressure: 115dB/30m

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Siren FS2400

• Number of horns: 16
• Battery (Ah): 75
• Sound pressure 121dB/30m

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Radio message receivers with a signalling function will remain indispensable for authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS) in the future. Working independently of mobile phone networks, they serve fire brigades and rescue services in urban and rural areas equally well when it comes to eliminating hazards and saving lives.

While analogue paging receivers are still widely used in Germany, digital paging receivers allow alarms to be raised particularly efficiently. The latest generation of DME devices, which can transmit specific mission information together with the alarm, have proven to be particularly helpful in emergency operations and offer numerous practical features.

Digital Message Receivers (DME – Digitale Meldeempfänger)

For efficient alerting, digital message receivers addressed by means of the POCSAG protocol offer the best prerequisites. These devices are not only tap-proof, but also independent of any overloaded analogue radio channels.

The product range of Fischer Siren Construction + Alarm Systems includes digital message receivers (DME) up to the highest configuration level DME III, which allow an acoustic voice output parallel to the text display. The POCSAG receivers we offer are already proving their worth in everyday use by numerous fire brigades and rescue services.

Detector tester for analogue and digital pagers

Developed at the suggestion of Fischer Siren Construction + Alarm Systems, the innovative BOS device tester makes it easy to check all your message receivers – whether analogue or digital. If you are about to switch from analogue 5-tone to digital POCSAG alerting, you are already equipped with our detector tester!

BOS tester

• Testing of analogue receivers
• Testing of digital receivers
• Trigger test of sirens

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Digital BOS radios – radio technology for professionals

For operation in the BOS network, we supply proven multi-channel handheld radios for the 2 m and 4 m bands. All the devices we offer have the necessary BOS approvals, are robust and reliable even in rough everyday use – even in dusty or wet environments. Police and fire brigades, customs and rescue services trust in the quality of these professional radios.

Vertex FuG 13b

• FuG 13b: 4 m-BOS-band
• Number of channels: 163
• Transmitting power: 5 W

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Motorola GP360

• FuG 11b: 2 m-BOS-band
• Number of channels: 117
• Transmitting power: 1 W

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Kenwood TK-290

• FuG 11b: 2 m-BOS-band
• Number of channels: 117
• Transmitting power: 1 W

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